Or rather, a relaxing trail ride on horseback. We left from the meeting point at 8:30 to go to the local ranch for an awesome ride through the red rocks of Losee Canyon. 

It was Marcel’s very first time on a horse so it was very exciting. Though Rhonja was probably more excited about both Marcel on a horse and riding the trail herself. We got assigned horses after the cowboys asked who had previous experience. Marcel got to ride Peaches while Rhonja got Flea. 

We ended up at the back of the line which Rhonja prefers as you get to set your own pace without bothering people (she snuck in a few short trots) but this did end up meaning we didn’t get to hear much about the canyon. Nevertheless it was awesome to just enjoy the canyon in peace instead.

The three hour ride flew by and soon we had to continue on our normal journey again. After lunch and checking out a few local shops we headed towards Bryce Canyon National Park, right next to Bryce where we already were. It was one road up and down a mountain with some impressive views of the huge red sandstone canyons that make up the area. 

Rhonja wanted to try and visit Dixie National Park as well, but it was a little too long so we headed straight for Glendale instead where we stay the night. Tomorrow we visit Zion National Park which we’ve been hearing a lot about. It’s sure to be another fun-filled day! 

Today’s route :

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