Capitol Reef and impossible roads

This morning we headed out to pass the Capitol Reef National Park. It wasn’t exactly planned to visit this, but it was on our route anyway. 

After driving for 1 minute we made a quick stop: some guy created a kind of museum in his front yard. He had made lots of statues from crap. They looked pretty cool, although the crappy “insipiring” plates attached to the statues could be done without. 

When we passed through the National Park, we ran into a small trail, called the 

We decided to try it out, and after a 30 minute walk, we arrived at the arch:

They trail itself gave some great views, also seeing loads of lizards made Rhonja even more excited. 

Continueing our trip, we suddenly arrived in a completely different fauna:

It was really weird, since one moment we were surrounded by red rocks, and the other there were trees everywhere! 

Some time later we were heading uphill, like a lot. Before we knew it we were at the top of a mountain, and the road was actually in the top itself. This meant both left and right there was a huge cliff. Driving there really makes you wonder if you really are the great driver you think you are. (the picture doesn’t do it justice, At some times the road really got narrow!) 

After being treated with again some amazing views, our next stop was going to be Peek-a-boo canyon. When we took the exit we got our doubts. 

It was a dirt road and quite bumpy (and with bumpy I mean the complete RV started shaking like an addict in detox. We would have to continue the road for 50 minutes to get to our destination, but after 10 minutes of intense rambling we decided we should probably head back since we weren’t sure our RV would survive it. (also the place we rented it from probably wouldn’t cover insurance if anything broke down) 

We got back to paved roads again and continued our way. After a few minutes we crossed a small village, and they also had rental ATV’s, with which we could make it to Peek-a-boo canyon, but Rhonja thought it was too expensive so we continued towards Bryce where our next RV Park was.