Beach and returning to base

This morning we headed out towards Moonstone Beach. 

On our way we passed several beautiful sights. In the distance lies the sea, but its covered with mist. 

When we were nearing Moonstone Beach, things became very cloudy. One minute we still had a warm sunny day, the other looked a bit bitter and cold. At the beach itself we spent some time: Marcel was digging up creatures from the mud, Rhonja was looking for stones:

While continuing our trip, we also ran into a Dutch company we didn’t expect here:

At a Goodwill we donated our brand new fan and foldable chair’s, since we wouldn’t need it anymore and headed towards our next RV site. 

Not else really happened. We now have to clean up our RV a bit and return it in San Francisco tomorrow morning. Then we’ll still spend one night in SF (next to the arcade!