Back in San Francisco, directly to prison and breaking stuff. 

Today we drove back to Cruise America in SF to turn in our RV. Marcel even ran a (completely) red light! 

Luckily no cops were near, and the light was located on a weird spot and easily overlooked. 

We dropped off the rv, our total milage was 4679.4 miles, which is 7530.76km!

Afterwards headed towards our hotel in Japan Town using a Lyft. Our driver was really kind and probably asked us a dozen times if we wanted to stop at “The Facebook building”. We would pass their headquarters and apparently their ‘Thumbs up’ sign is pretty popular. We kindly declined and continued to our hotel. Unfortunately our room wasn’t ready yet so we just dropped off our luggage and went is search for some lunch. 

Since we were in Japan town we got ourselves some Curry rice with tonkatsu. 

After lunch we headed for our next location: Alcatraz! 

We had to take a short boat ride to get there but it was great. We did an audiotour (which was actually quite good) which walked us passed all the historic places ( like the cells and fake-heads of the escaped prisoners) 

Afterwards we headed to the Buena Vista for dinner. We ordered a while crab so we got to crack it open to get to the delicious meat inside! 

To finish of our night we headed towards the Arcade in Japan town to get rid of our tokens we bought earlier. We spent them all on “The Bishi Bashi King” (which is also game that also appears in my first travelblog to Japan) 

(Rhonja also played, but at the time of this picture she was already game over) 

Now it’s time to pack our bags and head to the airport tomorrow!