Amazing views, amazing burgers, and Craig

We headed off towards the Rocky Mountains today
At the entrance there was a small stop up, again because of people who didn’t know how to use their creditcard or didn’t understand the system.
We could of course just pass using our pass, and entered the Rocky Mountains

At the first available stop we parked our RV to check out the amazing view:

But as we continued, the view only got better and better (Just one more picture, otherwise it’ll take a lot of time to upload all photo’s)

Other notable mentions:
– For the second time this holiday Marcel got a “That’s an awesome shirt dude!” for wearing his Fallout T-shirt
– Rhonja was asked her opinion on the RV by an elderly couple who were interested in buying their own.

After several stunning viewpoints we headed down again, towards a small town called “Grand Lake”. Lucky for them there was also a pretty big lake next to them, otherwise the name wouldn’t make any sense. Since we completely obliterated our food supplies we went looking for some lunch.

We passed the “Fat cat cafe” which looked interesting, but some genius decided they only open on Wednesdays. So we headed next door to fulfill our burger cravings:

Stuffed we headed back to our RV and got back on the road.
It was a 2,5 hour drive and nothing spectacular happened.
Probably the most interesting thing was that we got to a town called “Steamboat springs”, and 5 minutes later we passed “Steamboat springs II”.

Our next overnight would be in a place called Craig, not sure who he is but they must be pretty fond of the guy. We went to Walmart to fill up on our supplies, unfortunately they misspelled one aisle called “Beers”, since the only thing available was Bud Light. 

Not sure where we’ll head to tomorrow, but probably Southwest, since we should be slowly heading back towards San Francisco.

Today’s trip:

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